Q  Which illnesses and conditions do you treat?

A   In general, most long term conditions will benefit from a functional medicine approach. Being dually trained in Rheumatology and Acute Medicine, Dr Wilk has particular expertise in autoimmune conditions but also has been trained in the management of many other long term conditions.

Q  Do I need to have been diagnosed with an illness to benefit from your care?

A  No, and often it is the people who feel unwell in themselves yet have no diagnosis to explain their symptoms who benefit the most from the functional medicine approach. We aim to determine the root cause of your symptoms and to prevent the development of chronic disease through our interventions.

Q What should I expect from the telephone consultation?

A   The telephone consultation is 15 minutes long and is an opportunity for you to share your personal health goals with Dr Wilk. It is also a chance for you and for Dr Wilk to decide if Momentum and the functional medicine approach is right for you.

Q   How will I know if functional medicine is right for me?

A    There are a few core principles of the functional medicine approach that need to be in alignment with your own core values in order for you to benefit from our program.

1. We are creating health. The conventional approach of identifying a disease and then matching a specific treatment to it is contrary to the functional medicine paradigm. We are not aiming to control a disease in your body, we are aiming to co-create your global health. You and your symptoms become the primary focus, not your disease or diagnosis.

2. Your gut matters. We now understand that a large proportion of chronic inflammatory illness stems from problems with the gut, and therefore an important focus of treatment will be on improving your gut health, even if you're not aware of specific gut symptoms.

3. Health response-ability. We work as partners in this process but you are ultimately the person who determines your own progress. Your motivation, commitment, and willingness to follow through on suggestions made in the clinic or at workshops are the keys to your success.

4. Independence in health. Contrary to the conventional paradigm of dependence on a doctor, we aim to liberate you from ongoing medical care. We will be here if you need us, but we aim to help you build up the resources to independently maintain and further develop your most optimal health.

5. Health is more than just your body. We approach health from a bio-psycho-social perspective, which means that good physical health requires improvement in your emotional wellbeing and the development of a supportive community.

Functional medicine will be right for you if

  • you want to feel like a partner on your journey to health and wellbeing

  • you are willing and excited to take charge of your health.

  • you know deep within you that there is more to you than your physical body, and that giving attention to these other more subtle parts of you will be necessary to create change and long-lasting health.

Q  What should I expect at the initial and follow-up consultations?

 A   Prior to the visit we request that you complete a detailed questionnaire about your personal and health history which can take between 60 and 90 minutes to fill out. Dr Wilk will review this before she first sees you in the clinic. The first visit usually lasts about 90 minutes. At the end of this visit, we may order some diagnostic tests (blood, stool, urine and/or saliva). At the first follow up visit, we will help you create a personalised treatment plan which will include a change in diet, nutritional supplements (if appropriate), stress management, and other mind-body interventions and lifestyle changes.

Q  Will I need ongoing follow-up visits?

A   If we are going to address the root cause of your health issues, we need to take a more comprehensive approach. In order to ensure we help you achieve your health goals we strongly recommend a follow-up period of at least 6 months. In contrast to conventional medicine, we do not simply aim to remove a disease with a pill-for-an-ill fix, we intend to help you learn how to create health which will involve a number of lifestyle changes. We intend to see you through to success and as such require this commitment to the process from you. 

Q   Will I be able to stop seeing my regular GP or specialist consultant?

A    The medical care and advice provided by Momentum Functional & Lifestyle Medicine is designed to work alongside your conventional medical care. We aim to fill in the gaps where the conventional model falls short, but we cannot replace the important role that conventional medical care plays in your overall health.

Q   How much will it cost?

A   Please contact us using the contact form or by email and we will send you a detailed description of the recommended care plans and fees.