We aim to restore health by addressing the root cause of illness

Have you been looking for:

  • a system that treats you as a whole, rather than as separate organ parts?

  • a system that addresses the underlying cause of your illness, rather than masking your symptoms?

  • a system that recognises that we are all individuals with unique needs, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach to disease and treatment?

Momentum Integrative Medicine has been designed to provide this kind of care.

Dr Lucie Wilk, a Consultant in Rheumatology, understands the world of conventional medical treatment, its successes and its failings. She uses her expertise in functional medicine to bridge the gap and provide whole health care, care that seeks to address the underlying cause of your health problems.

Just as ailing health doesn’t develop overnight or from a single problem, recovery of health takes time, commitment, and an open heart and mind. In order to change your health, you will need to change your life. We are here to help you along the path.

It’s just good care.
— Dr Patrick Hanaway, MD, Director of Research, Cleveland Clinic Centre for Functional Medicine

What is different about functional medicine?

Each one of us is unique. We don't share the same genes, history or life experiences with anyone else. A good health care plan will recognise these differences and respond to them with a personalised approach. A functional medicine doctor, like a good detective, gathers all your unique clues: your personal and health history going all the way back to your birth, and your current situation including your environment, relationships, stress levels, diet, exercise, sleep habits and symptoms. Using this information, together with your physical exam and laboratory tests, we try to understand what part of your body is not functioning properly and how we might make some changes to correct it. We focus on the factors that are causing your symptoms and affecting your health. The treatment plan may include conventional medications, but also integrates medical nutrition and mind-body strategies to improve your whole health: body, mind and spirit.

Conventional medicine gathers together your symptoms, physical exam and investigations to recognise a common pattern and make a diagnosis. It then applies the same treatment to all people with this diagnosis. In functional medicine, even if you have the same symptoms as another person, you will have a very different treatment plan because the underlying cause of your symptoms will be different.

Functional medicine is personalised medicine.

Conventional medicine succeeds when the problem is acute: a broken bone, a heart attack, or an overwhelming infection for example. It is far less successful when the problem is a chronic illness. This is because the illness developed over a unique lifetime in a unique body and the cause of the illness, and therefore the treatment, will also be unique to the individual.

Functional Medicine is a patient-centred approach. It has been embraced by world class academic hospitals and is releasing impressive early research outcomes through the Cleveland Clinic. There are only a few medical doctors in the UK who have been trained in this ground-breaking practice. We aim to get to the root cause of your problems so that the health of your body and mind can be as good as possible. In doing this, we also aim to prevent the development of other chronic illnesses.

If you're curious to learn more about this approach, visit the Institute for Functional Medicine's website which has many resources to explore.

Functional medicine is medicine by cause, not by symptom. Practitioners don’t, in fact, treat disease. We treat your body’s ecosystem. We get rid of the bad stuff, put back in the good stuff, and because your body is an intelligent system - it does the rest.
— Dr Mark Hyman MD